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The golden years of Mrs. Perez

Photo by Edu Carvalho:

The golden years are the years that our elders live. It is a time when we are reminded of our youth and anticipate the joys of retirement. Often, people of this age become more reflective and grateful for the little things, and those little things become moments that linger.

This is a short story about Lola Perez, a woman of a certain age who reflects on the good and bad events of her life. After her children moved away and she became a widow, she discovered a new love— bowling. However, it seems that someone is trying to keep her from having a good time.

There are THREE parts to the story, "Mrs. Perez".

VIDEO #1: Pete Weber, a professional bowler, discusses his frustrations with getting older in this sport.

VIDEO #2: Robots are being used to discover the best approaches for knocking down pins, while minimizing damage to a bowler's body. What do you think of this project? Could it pose useful for something else?

VIDEO #3: Have you ever considered bowling professionally? Or maybe just for fun? Here are some basic tips you can use to start bowling.

Bowling alleys are great places to meet people! Try using to see if there are any English language bowling clubs near you. Of course, you could also use the website/ app to find clubs that are only online, like virtual bookclubs, cooking clubs, art clubs, etc. Some groups have native speakers, others have non-native speakers, and there are some groups that are mixed. They are a lot of fun and most of them are free!


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