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About Us

CertaLingual's mission is to:

help adult learners develop their skills and build confidence in listening and speaking

 identify opportunities for adult learners to use the language in their daily lives

make language learning accessible and manageable for busy adults 

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Have you met Teacher Kei yet?

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Who is Kei?

CertaLingual began in 2017, however, Kei's teaching experience started in 2007 when her language exchange partners questioned common rules and expressions used in English. She spent many hours enthusiastically researching answers for them, creating teaching materials, and rediscovering her native language.


Kei enjoys learning just as much as she enjoys teaching. She has studied several languages, including a few Asian, Romance, and different Sign languages. Her experience in learning and failing to learn some languages has resulted in her friendly and practical approach to teaching conversational English. She is also an advocate for minority language rights, including endangered language preservation.

Kei has a master's degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MTESOL) and is certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Her areas of expertise are in language management and confidence building.

Learn the rules, and then learn how to break them!
~Teacher Kei


Language learning does not have a finish line, because there is always something new to discover.

Non-native speakers are just as important to the evolution of language as native speakers are, especially in English.

Learning how to be comfortable with your limitations will help you improve more quickly.

English grammar rules are meant to be broken.

If you have a genuine interest in something, you absolutely can learn it.

You are not a bad student— you just seem to lack time.

The best method for learning a language is the one that fits your lifestyle; so let's manage your languages together! 

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