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Singing the Monday blues

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Singing the blues: having feelings of sadness; feeling discouraged

Take a moment to think about your answers to the questions below.

Remember to answer in complete sentences.

Generally speaking, I am a happy-go-lucky person, but sometimes I enjoy complaining about the hardships of my days. It can be cathartic, especially when others can relate to my woes. I know it's not good to share our burdens and frustrations with those who are in a good mood, but if you have good friends, they will understand. Hopefully they know how to cheer you up, too! My friends and I always bond over the most ridiculous stories and have a good laugh afterward. But, it's Mondays in particular that tend to be the most difficult for people working blue collar jobs.

"Monday blues" is actually just a feeling of great dread that comes over us when we think about Mondays. Despite the fact that many claim to suffer from it, and doctors and researchers are aware of its existence, no one can be clinically diagnosed with this issue. It is, however, used as an indicator of how a person may respond to varying stressors.

A friend of mine once proposed that we boycott Mondays by not working on that day, but later recanted because he realized that it would only postpone Mondays. The same issues he was hiding from on Mondays would be waiting for him on Tuesdays.

Across the continent and all around the world we can hear some of the most somber conversations on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings. They talk about their workload and their psychological pains on a weekly basis, but they almost never seem to have solutions to their problems. For the most part, we know that having gratitude for life is a great start, but it isn't a cure-all.

It should be noted that there are other steps we can take to alleviate the pain. I'll leave the rest of the explanation to Medical News Today because the truth is I am no scientist; I'm just an average Jane who has had her fair share of Blue Mondays. I hope this article helps you or a loved one get through the inevitable:

What to know about the Monday blues


Check out this song called, "Monday, Monday" by The Mamas & The Papas.

Please be sure to read the lyrics below, too!


Are you a poet? Poetry can be difficult to write if you aren't, but I'd like for you to give it a try. An acrostic poem is an easy place to start because the words don't need to rhyme. A word is written vertically on the left and a poem is constructed based on the letters, the themed word. Each line can be written as a phrase, a complete sentence, or partial sentence (that leads into the next line). Take a look at the examples below! Then, write your own for "M-O-N-D-A-Y".

"Monday" by Leona J. Atkinson

"Monday" by Unknown


1. In your opinion, what is the best part about Mondays?

2. How is your motivation for Mondays different from your motivation on Fridays?

3. What do you do the night before to make sure that your Mondays run smoothly?

4. Rank the days of the week from worst to best.

5. What is your favorite day to take off from work? Why?

6. How do your colleagues handle Monday mornings? Are they chipper?

7. Choose a song that reminds you of Mondays or gives you the feeling of Monday. (The lyrics are not important.)


As far as I know, there are no movies about Monday sadness, but if you are interested in action thriller movies, there is one called, What Happened to Monday (2017) directed by Tommy Wirkola and staring Noomi Rapace. It's on Netflix, but if you can't find it, try searching for "Seven Sisters"— that's its secondary name.

Quick Synopsis:

Septuplets are illegally born in a dystopian future where each family is only allowed to have one child. The children are named, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. and must live as one woman named, Karen Settman, to avoid being discovered by the government.

*** Please be advised that this movie is rated-R (Restricted for people 18+ years old) because of the gun violence, sex, smoking and swearing. ***

If you are still interested, you can check out the trailer below:


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