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Please, don't pick my pockets

What would you do if you found something in your pocket that did not belong there? How would you feel? Would you question your judgement? What if the object wasn't even yours to begin with? If you are a good samaritan, you may try to locate the rightful owner. How long would you look for the mysterious person? It's quite possible that you may not ever find them, isn't it? In that case, you may decide to keep it for yourself or give it to a friend. The vast majority probably wouldn't judge you for making a decision like that.

Pockets are not extraordinary inventions. In fact, I might even call them extra ordinary. You can find them on all different kinds of clothing, inside bags, and even in some shoes. I have always longed to have pockets as deep as sea otters, but I don't think it will ever happen... Ladie's clothes almost never have sufficient pockets, but that's besides the point...

When was the last time you checked your pockets? Did anything unusual happen? Hopefully not, but there may come a day when you reach into your coat and discover a piece of fudge.

I hope you enjoy this short story called, "Pockets" by Amal El-Mohtar.








I may be partial, but I think sea otters have the best pockets on the planet. Can you think of any other creature that has a naturally occurring pouch?

Don't forget to check your pockets on laundry day! Have you ever found something in them that excited you? I'm usually pretty good about cleaning them out, but back in college, I found a $20 bill that I thought I had misplaced. Another time, I found a tissue and was thrilled that I had caught it before I destroyed my washing machine.

If you had the power to pull any three items out of your pockets, what would you want them to be?


The following video is a comedy about women fighting for equal rights to pockets. The subtitles are in English, but the audio is in Hindi. If you are interested in reading the subtitles to the comedy sketch, here you go!


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