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Giving and Taking Advice

The Umbrella Man by Roald Dahl
  1. Why was the mother skeptical about listening to the old man?

  2. Using only her eyes, what advice did the daughter try to give her mother?

  3. After the transaction with the old man, what advice did the mother give her daughter?

  4. Based on the story, are rainy days bad days? Why?

  5. Tell me about the old man. What kind of person is he? Why didn't he take more money?

  6. If you had been there when they were watching the old man from the window, what advice would you have given the mother and daughter?

  7. After realizing what the old man was doing, what would you have done with the umbrella?

  8. Which character was duped?

  9. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about reading this short story?


Your boss/ school principal wants you to suggest ways to improve how employees’/ students’ engage with each other in a positive way. Ideas can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you’d like. Give 5 pieces of advice and explain how they will improve the dynamics of your company/ school.

Ex. Maybe we could put a coffee maker in the office. This will encourage light conversations in

the mornings.

Ex. One thing we could do is arrange a talent show. I think the students would enjoy watching

their peers do fun and interesting things.

What's on the menu?

Check out the menus below and be prepared to discuss the topics that follow.

What (meal/ dessert) would you recommend to someone who…

- wants barbecue?

- is trying to eat less than 300 calories?

- wants to try something unique?

- is vegetarian?

- wants a non-alcoholic drink?

- likes bacon?

- wants a salad?

- wants something chocolatey for dessert?

- wants something with caramel?

Be prepared to answer some unlisted questions, too. Also, keep in mind that your recommendation may not be on the menu.

Ex. I don’t think a vegetarian should eat here.

Don't forget to return for more exercises!


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