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Testing is important!

Mini Packet


Reading Material


Man who found buried treasure identified

- They found the lucky winner of gold and other treasures.


Up above the world so high

- The legend of the two bears in the starry night sky.


...Old buildings transformed into trendy apartments

- Changing old buildings into modern ones is becoming popular.

Image by Debby Hudson

Videos and Audio

How They Made Elf - (Behind the scenes of a movie)

          - What does 'to be put on ice' mean? (01:27)

          - What are some common movies to watch during this time of year?

Why I Took My Wife's Last Name - (Marriage rites)

          - What is a 'last resort'? (01:17)

          - What do you think about Andy's decision?

Airlines' New Rules on Support Animals - (Flying with animals)

          - Research - What is the difference between:

            a service animal and a support animal?

          - How do you feel about animals on flights?

Image by Seth Doyle
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